Happy Farmer / Sad Builder


Farmers are happy, rural fire brigades are happy, kids with new bright yellow gumboots are super happy, but the building industry, and those waiting for their new home to take shape…not so much. And unfortunately for the latter – thanks to an uninvited guest called ‘La Nina’, these Spring and Summer months are predicted to bring significant and frequent rainfall.

What a pain in the BOM.

So; what does this actually mean? Well you will need to be patient. Wet sites aren’t safe. Not for teams, not for vehicles and heavy machinery, and not for building tools and materials. Depending on the quantity and type of weather event, you might find that daily showers here and there for a week have very little impact. Conversely; 15 minutes of torrential rain might just put a pause on construction until everything onsite dries out, for a week.

Not great.

Rest assured if you’re with an experienced, client-focused builder, they will have included allowances in your building contract for inclement weather. Similarly, Brisbane’s storm season is typically November, so delays should also have been factored in, regardless of BOM’s predictions.

As it stands currently, La Nina’s impact will see Brisbane experience normal expected rainfall levels in November, well above expected rainfall levels in December and a gentle easing, but still above typical rainfall in January.

BOM assures us that whilst tropical cyclones are likely to occur, the flooding, cyclones and torrential rain experienced in the most recent La Nina event during 2010-2012 is not predicted. So expect rain, a bit of it, cooler days (thankfully) and warmer nights (not thankfully).

These next few months will require calm, an umbrella, and light, breathable sheets (i.e. you’ve now complete justification for buying from Bed Threads.