How to Design a Custom Luxury Home in Brisbane

Designing a luxury custom home can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. It can also be challenging. ‘Luxury’ does not intrinsically mean expensive brands, high-end appliances, and 11-car garages. True luxury is a home that demonstrates considered design, specifically meets your family’s needs, showcases purposeful high-quality materials, and is future-proofed. In this blog, we will discuss additional design considerations for making a truly luxurious custom home.

Space, the perfect amount

One of the more common ‘luxury’ design mistakes is the provision of too much space. A home that is too large will require significant cleaning and maintenance, more furniture (and to match the space furniture will need to be high quality, sizeable, and therefore more expensive), more floor coverings, and higher energy bills. Right-sizing your home for how your family uses space now and in the future, and how you spend your time, with some consideration for resale, is key. Space for the sake of it, is not worth your construction dollars.

The image features a high ceiling living room with bush backdrop and plenty of natural light and space.

From one of our Brisbane custom builds: A truly inviting living room with a tranquil bush backdrop and strategic natural lighting.

Maximise storage

Whilst minimalism is a favoured high-end design philosophy, when it comes to designing custom homes you cannot overestimate the importance of abundant concealed storage space. A well-designed custom home will have generous storage that is organised, easily accessible, and will accommodate all residents’  belongings. Luxury custom home design should provide accessible concealed storage in the closet, kitchen, bathrooms, and garage areas. Storage for the day-to-day, and display areas to showcase your meaningful pieces and artworks are essential.

Layout and flow

Time and consideration spent on creating your home’s floor plan are pivotal to creating a luxurious, executive-level family home. The primary spaces in the home, such as the kitchen and living areas, should be in close proximity, while the bedrooms and bathrooms should be placed away from public areas. Serenity is luxury.

Similarly, traffic pathways should be kept clear and wide to provide maximum ease of movement within the home. Consider the first view/impression – what is in your visitor’s line of sight once you open your front door? Unobstructed views of your gardens or pool? A feature wall displaying prized artwork? Be thoughtful in your design and truly make an entrance.

Make use of the sun

Natural light is an essential consideration when designing a luxury custom home. Fortunately – for us in Brisbane – we have plenty of it! Making use of the sunshine creates a more inviting and comfortable environment and saves on energy costs. The use of strategically placed large windows, skylights and open-plan living will also provide the illusion of space.

Prioritise energy efficiency

In today’s climate-conscious world, designing for energy efficiency is essential. Green building technologies such as solar panels, energy-efficient lighting and insulation, and high-quality windows and doors should be mandatory. Those who don’t prioritise environmental impact will, at the very minimum, experience issues with future resale. Luxury buyers rightly expect future-thinking green solutions.

To end, by working with seasoned architects, building designers, and experienced custom luxury builders, your home will be designed for your family, your comfort and your happiness. True luxury.